Wine Club

Membership Benefits

The anticipation and plan is that as a member of the wine club you will qualify for benefits that the regular public does not have access to.

Membership benefits include:
Immediate 10% Discount on current release wine purchase and shipments.

Access to our Library Wines. 10% off re-orders
Library Wines are limited inventory wines that have been produced and sold throughout the years by or for the winery.

For example, our current wine club members have access to our 2005 Legend-Zinfandel and 2005 Storyline-Syrah @ a 10% discount. These are wines that have now been retired from regular distribution and are available only to wine club members.

Access to Portfolio Wines.
Portfolio Wines are wines that we may have acquired from another winery thru in-bond transfers or intra-winery purchases or at private collectors auctions. Wines typically not available to the general public because of the closed relationships and limited distribution within the wine industry. *

Special Invitations and Discounts To Winery Events
Future’s Parties, Harvest Parties, Bottling Parties, Release Parties
Private Wine Tastings and Food Pairing events at local participating restaurants


Discounted tickets to industry events such as
 The Oldest Wine Festival in California The annual Monterey Bay Wine Festival. 
The Lake Tahoe Food and Wine Festival in the Autumn 
The Bodega Bay Art and Wine Festival
The El Dorado Towne Center Art and Wine Festival

Access to Limited Production Collectible Wines
Wines that we may only produce small lot quantities based on grape availability, quality and production capacity that year. *

Discounts on on-line purchases of Twisted Twig Winery branded merchandise.
Corkage Fee’s Waived at participating local restaurants when taking Twisted Twig Wine to dinner. (call in advance, see website)

*Depending on availability access to the above benefits will be determined based on accrued points as defied in the following terms and conditions.

Mail In Membership
Filling out the membership application on the back of our brochure is another way to join our the Twisted Twig Wine Club.
Click Here to Download Our Brochure. Fill it out and mail it to:

Twisted Twig Winery Company
attn: Membership Services
P.O. Box 271
Rescue, CA 95672

Information is also on the flyer so all you really need is a stamp and drop in the mail.
Application information will be sent back the return address on your envelope. Processing takes about 10 business days. If you have any questions please Click Here to Contact Us.

Terms & Conditions

A wine club membership conveys certain rights and privileges by the corporation on its members and traditionally is considered a valuable and respected asset.

Longevity Rewards Points are accrued the longer a continuous membership is maintained in good standing.
Good standing is defined as a membership that has maintained the minimum number of bottles required for that year have been ordered, shipped and paid for in that membership year.

Seniority Longevity Rewards Bonus Points are also awarded based on the anniversary date of the membership that has been maintained in good standing.
5 Seniority Longevity Bonus Points are awarded for each consecutive year the membership is kept in good standing

YEAR 1: In order to activate your membership and receive discounted wine purchases and have access to our Library Wines a minimum of 12 bottles must be ordered in the first year, accepted and paid.

Shipments may be taken at one time or shipped in up to 3 separate orders

YEAR 2: In order to maintain a membership in good standing in year two, a minimum of ONE 4 bottle shipment needs to be ordered, accepted and paid totaling a minimum of 4 bottles for the year.

YEAR 3: In order to maintain a membership in good standing in year three, a minimum of ONE 2 bottle shipment needs to be ordered, accepted and paid totaling a minimum of 2 bottles purchased for that year.

Participation Points are awarded based on
The number of bottles purchased in a membership year
1 Participation Point is awarded for each bottle ordered, accepted and paid for in that membership year.
May include futures ordered and paid for.

Bonus Participation Points 1 additional point is awarded for each full case ordered, accepted and paid in that membership year.

Gift Participation Points 2 points are awarded for bottles purchased as gifts and shipped to non-wine club members

Referral Participation Points 5 points are awarded for each activated referral membership.

Wine purchase discounts are contingent upon maintaining a wine club membership in good standing for a minimum of 1 year (12 calendar months) from the final purchase of the discounted products.

Failure to maintain the wine club membership will result in a chargeback to your credit card of the original wine club discounts offered.

Early cancellation of membership will void all discounts provided and credit card will be charged for the discounted difference.

Forfeiting wine club membership will void all non-used awards points.

If credit card has expired customer will be notified and agrees to provide a valid credit card within 30 days of back billing of discounts and authorize the transaction to occur.

Membership may be passed on to any heir 21 years or older with all awards points and benefits attached.

Terms and conditions are subject to revisions. Wine purchases are subject to inventory released and on hand. Notification and acceptance will be published periodically.

I agree to the above terms and conditions and certify that I am 21 years or older.